Training Programs

Fitness Orientation

You've never worked out at a gym before? We've got you covered! Take one of our free fitness orientations to learn the basics and get the lay of the land.

Small Group Training

A team aspect working for strength fitness and overall health. When it comes to building lean muscle, burning fat, and endurance group fitness is an awesome program to get you there.

Personal Training

The journey starts here with you and your coach working one on one towards a fitness goal. We will help bring out the best of your character and push you to your limits. We have 60 minutes and 30 minutes available. We also have a Leadership Package available.

Online Coaching

You and your coach will be working one on one towards the weekly goals. We have conference calls and a easy system to follow. If you have the drive towards making the mark, but need some help to make it to the weight goal online coaching is for you.

Train & Save

We have classes at an affordable rate. You can't ask for anything more with this awesome way to push yourself to the limits and ability. Coaching + Classes = Great Results.

Muscle Mix

The MAXIMUM muscle workout. No bulk building - just toning, flexing and total muscle conditioning.

Kids fitness

Compound Circle’s Kids Fitness is an innovative concept that combines resistance circuit training with a world-class nutrition curriculum. It is an assisted 45-minute program specifically designed for kids between the ages of 5 to 15 yrs.


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